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When I paint,
my spirit soars.

I wish for the words to describe the energy I get from painting. This sensation has intensified over the years. As a young child in Northeast Arkansas, I began painting inspired by all the beauty around me. This was the genius of my creative journey.


I loved experimenting with colors and creating new color combinations. The joy I’d experience when colors would bounce off of each other has been an amazing natural high for me. Once I became a teenager I painted on canvas with acrylics because they dried faster than oils. My restless personality refused to wait for an oil painting to dry before another layer of paint could be applied.

The beautiful & natural surroundings I grew up in played a central role in my artistic development. For as long as I remember, I have had a strong love affair with water. Whether on a fishing trip, water skiing, or skipping rocks, my attention was drawn to how the water made everything extraordinary.


The reflection of the water somehow inspired the colors to beam and explode with hues and shades. Everything it touched just seemed clearer.

Today, I continue to be inspired by the magnificence of water - its never-ending movement and hues of color. Living near the ocean with my husband & daughter has amplified my inspiration for re-creating the passion I have for the great outdoors.


The California coast has given birth to new ideas that I cannot get onto canvas quick enough! The ocean and its surroundings have given me endless hours of painting where I stand still in time allowing my brush to express freely all that is inside of me.

Art is food for my soul. I have been blessed to do what I love and certainly, don't take anything for granted!



I studied interior design and earned a BS in Art Education. This platform has lead me the opportunity of offering private Art lessons, display my work in galleries, and even the honor of displaying my work in Laguna Beach's Art-A-Fair. Currently, I'm honored to have my work displayed worldwide.

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